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With decentralized governance and secure ownership, GRL token holders actively contribute to the growth and success of Greelance, setting its position as an originator in the freelancing and blockchain space.

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Access to skilled professionals is critical for success in the modern-day corporate hustle and bustle. However, traditional hiring methods are often slow, inefficient, and costly. That’s where Greelance comes in. Our decentralized AI-powered platform connects businesses with a global network of tech talent, all eager to contribute their expertise and help businesses thrive.


Greelance transforms the job market by introducing GRL, a token fostering collaboration and transparency. Businesses use GRL to pay freelancers, streamline project management, and unlock enhanced features, revolutionizing the hiring process. Embracing blockchain technology, Greelance empowers individuals and businesses, propelling the global economy to unprecedented success.


NFT Marketplace
For All Users

Decentralized Dapps
For All Users

Decentralized Wallet
For All Users

Artificial Intelligence
For All Users

Blockchain Layer 2
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Buy, Sell & Trade NFTs On A Secure Platform

Our marketplace leverages blockchain technology to ensure ownership and authenticity of digital assets, helping creators monetize their work and collectors acquire valuable art pieces.

Develop & Deploy Powerful Decentralized Applications To Expand Your Functionality

Developers can utilize our infrastructure and tools to create innovative dApps, helping businesses and tech talent within an interconnected ecosystem.

Store, Manage & Transfer GRL Tokens With A Decentralized Wallet

Our wallet is non-custodial, meaning that users retain complete control over their private keys, ensuring the security and privacy of their funds.

Using AI-powered Solutions For Freelancer x Business Partnerships

We streamline identity verification, resume creation, test generation, performance evaluation, and cheating detection, ensuring a secure, efficient hiring process.

A Strong, Scalable Blockchain Infrastructure To Rely On

Our AI Layer 2 Blockchain enables trustless interactions and empowers users to control their data and assets.


How Do I Use GRL?

GRL offers various functionalities and benefits to the Greelance community including

Premium Features Access

Faster and Secure Payments

Participation in Governance

Exclusive Rewards

Exchange & Transfer.

How Do I Earn GRL?

  • By inviting other talented individuals to join the network
  • By inviting employers to hire talented professionals on the Greelance
  • By referring investors, service providers and affiliate marketers to join the Greelance platform
  • By actively engaging in the platform’s growth and ensuring the utmost professionalism

Why GRL?

As the native token of Greelance, GRL enables collaboration and rewarding contributions. Businesses can easily utilize GRL to compensate freelancers for their services, while freelancers can use GRL to access platform benefits and open doors to new opportunities previously beyond their reach. GRL’s intrinsic value lies in accommodating secure and timely transactions, encouraging transparency, and ensuring a win-win for all stakeholders.

A Decentralized Economy

GRL contributes to the growth of the decentralized economy, creating a more inclusive and democratized future of work.

A Potential Investment Opportunity

GRL promotes a more equitable and efficient freelancing ecosystem, breaking traditional barriers and creating a level playing field.


The following section describes the allocation of tokens in funding rounds and others.

Token Contract

Use the contract information below to add the Greelance token to your wallet.

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We are a leading, globally-distributed network of world-class Technology | Design | & Business workforce – all set to roll out your most important initiatives.

Our Development Partners

Have a look at our esteemed, innovative, and solution-orientated development partners, who have added to our pool of expertise and helped us develop Greelance as a fully functional, revolutionary platform.

Our Team

Jimmy Idemudia

CEO | Former Google Cloud architect; blockchain, AI, robotics, IoT.

Tayyab Javed

Director of Operations

Dr. Esther Paul

CFO | Compliance specialist,
focused on AML/ATF.

Ghulam Abbas

Blockchain/Crypto Developer

Ganesh Kumar Durairaj

Crypto Advisor

Brad Houston

Talent/Learning Management Systems Advisor

Alice Huang

Crypto Growth Strategy Advisor

Genevievette Walker-Lightfoot

Legal Advisor | Former SEC. Lead investigator in Bernie Madoff case.

Artyom Kulakov

AI/ML Developer

Sam Jamil

Director of Human Resources

Akshay Tikoo

Director of Sales & Business Development

Kamal MahendraSirisena

Software Architect

Deepak Malhotra

Legal Advisor

Fatir Malik

AI/ML Engineer

Dr. Adnan Tariq

AI/ML Advisor

Gustavo Carbonell

Blockchain/Token-Economics/Crypto Advisor

Learn More About How Greelance Works

Discover how we incentivize collaboration, promote transparency, and reward value creation in the decentralized work economy with Greelance.

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Allocations/ Backers/ Exchanges

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