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AML/CFT/SEC/FinCEN/MSB/Real Estate/Securities/NFTs/Crypto Attorney

30+ YEARS EXPERIENCE IN FINANCIAL MODELING/ SECURITIES/ REAL ESTATE/ SAAS/ CRYPTO/ DAO/ HEDGE FUND/ BLOCKCHAIN NEWYORK/FLORIDA/NJ/CA SUITS/ LEGAL BRIEFS/ COMPLAINTS/ MOTION/ WHITE PAPER SaaS/EULA/MSA/NDA/NCA/TECH IP/PP DAO HEDGE FUND/ CRYPTO/ NFT/ DERIVATIVES Licenses from 50 States of the US relating to FinCEN, FINRA, IRS, SEC, AML, BSA, MTL, Bit License, URVCBA, and Nationwide Multistate Licensing System SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT DOCKET REVIEW/ IRAC LAWYER'S MEMO 'AAA' ARBITRATION LEGAL RESEARCH & LITIGATION FINANCIAL REVIEW OF ANNUAL REPORTS LABOUR AND EMPLOYMENT LAWS REAL ESTATE LLC/LLP/C-CORP/PARTNERSHIP/ FRANCHISEE SALE MERGER & ACQUISITION DIVORCE & FAMILY DISPUTES COMPLAINT/ MEMO/ DEPOSITION/ TRIAL SUPPORT/ CASE LAW ANALYSIS OWNER OF A LAW FIRM SINCE 2008 EQUITY & DERIVATIVE MARKET QUALIFIED LAWYER I can undertake the following assignments on a fixed price basis. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 1. Contract Drafting Services: - * Tech - SaaS, EULA, DPA, MSA, NNN, IP, CP * MF and Crypto Private Placement Memorandum. * Operating Agreement. * Subscription Agreement. * ISDA Master Service. Agreement. * Investment Management Agreement. * Market Restated Limited Liability Company Agreement. * Shareholder Agreements, * Collaboration Contracts * Project Acquirement Contracts * Merger & Acquisition Agreements * Artist/ Copywriter Contracts * Project Acquisition Agreements * Non-Disclosure Agreements, * Employment Agreements, * Buyer Apartment Agreements, * Lease Agreement Contracts, * Consultant/Sub Consultant Agreement, * Employment Agreements and Bonds, * Construction, Real Estate Contracts * Distributor Contracts, * Material Transfer Agreements, * Website Privacy Policy, Cookies Policies, Refund Policies, T&C. * Inter-Institutional Agreements, * Research Agreements, * Distributor Agreement Contract Drafting, * Collaboration Agreements, * Sub-Contract Agreement, * Memorandum of Understanding, * Partnership Agreement, * E-Commerce Agreement, 2. Contract Review Services for various Sectors: - * Hedge Fund & Crypto Contracts (All Countries) * Healthcare, Tour & Travel * Builders, Real Estate, Construction * Shipping and Logistics, * Insurance, Banking, Financial Services, Restaurant, * Hotels, NBFC, e-Commerce, Technology, Telecom * IT Companies, Manufacturing & Distribution 3. Contract Management Services: - * Keeps a track of important dates pertaining to contract renewals and generating alerts, * Examine the contracts for completeness, * Identify missing contracts, * Contract compliance and global regulations analysis, * Review contracts for compliance, and * Contract-related administrative support Other Services, which I am undertaking on a fixed contract basis; 1. Legal Abstracts - Legal Research for International Companies Our team of expert lawyers is competent to make abstracts of long legal documents useful for arguments, reply, rejoinders, motions, prosecution evidence, and defense evidence to reveal the truth. Legal abstract by a competent lawyer is important to win cases with a minutely detailed study of each part of the document attached in a plaint/ petition/complaint. 2. Legal Process Outsourcing Services in India 3. Expert advice on the banking sector 4. Expert advice of National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange 5. Business and Joint Venture proposals

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