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Since the beginning of the web I have been coding websites, first with javascript and vbscript in notepad. In 2010 I started my side hustle, Working Dog Worx, to turn website and small applicaton favors into paying clients. I have created many websites which I host on a few DigitalOcean droplets, Linux/Ubuntu 20.04, and one MeteorJS application with a MongoDB backend. For my most recent full-time employer I migrated their VB6/Oracle 8i application to VB.Net/Oracle 12c and setup an ASP.Net report repository for client file delivery. I am social media manager for a local Kennel, which allows me some graphic design creativity, and design on several websites weekly for Tind-All Creative, a small marketing firm based in Connecticut. I am mostly self-taught but did attend six years of college for the discipline, experience, and to have education on my resume. Aside from my technical experience, in my spare time, I am editor for our dog breed’s national magazine, Komondor Komments, and I recently helped a friend publish his stroke recovery story to Amazon by collecting all of his stories, and with Affinity Publisher and Microsoft Word. I am very happy to apply for this position and hope that I hear from you soon. Following are a few letters of recommendation: Jeff Coltrain, Alydan Consulting – John Nyszik, Director of I.S., IOA Re – Elaine Lowery, VP Operations, IOA Re – Barbara Spector, Editor-at-Large, Family Business Magazine – Peter King, Professor, Community College of Philadelphia –    


Sr Application Developer / Business Analyst

  • ELMC Holdings, LLC
  • April 15, 2002 - April 30, 2022

For 20 years I worked for IOA Re and survived a company buyout for eight years. They are now repackaging themselves for another sale and this time they didn't want an IT group in the package. They honored my severance and now I work for them on a consulting basis until they are sold. • Developed Secure Online Report Repository, secure web delivery of client files and reports. • Develop web applications for quote generation. • Redesigned company websites and maintained updates. • VB.NET upgrade and rewrite (VB6) prime business application, CMS, for reinsurance contract administration, customer billing, and cash management. • Ad-hoc applications and reports in MS Office (Access, Excel), HTML, and Crystal Reports formats. • Custom defined data feed exports (Excel, XML, CSV, JSON) and triangulation reporting applications. • Construct PL/SQL scripts to audit Oracle & SQL databases for data integrity, data analysis, and to enhance performance. • Automate business rules through database triggers and validation queries run on scheduled tasks.

Website & Web Application Developer

  • Working Dog Worx, LLC
  • January 1, 2012 - continue

Longtime side hustle. My full time employment has not always allowed me to work with the tools that I find most fun and/or challenging. I started creating Wordpress websites over a decade ago and now provide support, more websites, or side projects for a few clients. • Website design and hosting, responsive websites. • WordPress, MeteorJS, ASP/PHP, HTML/JS/CSS Websites • SQL Server & MySQL Database Management. • MS Office Pro (Access/Excel/VBA) & Google Workspace (Apps Script) custom solutions. • Desktop Publishing – Advertisements, Web Presentations. • Software & Hardware support and instruction.

Software Consultant / Developer

  • PC Helps Support, Inc.
  • January 1, 1998 - April 1, 2002

Started as a software consultant and was moved to the development team within a few months. Supported more advanced database applications mostly, and helped developers troubleshoot or rewrote applications mostly in Microsoft languages- mostly Access/Excel VBA and Visual FoxPro. • Provided expert telephone computer support to employees of Fortune 500 corporations of Windows applications. • Advanced Development Team member with focus on troubleshooting, fixing, and developing custom applications in many programming languages. • Researched, diagnosed, and resolved clients’ off-the-shelf software questions and problems. • Developed code solutions and workarounds for clients’ issues that extend beyond the user interface. • Authored numerous consultant learning objectives. • Created web-based employee consultant schedule.

Educational Details

Bachelor of Science Information Technology

  • University of Phoenix
  • January 1, 2004 - January 1, 2010

Most material presented was a refresher of technologies I was already well versed in. Attended for the discipline and to have some proper education on my resume.

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