Membership Agreement of Client/ Freelancer/ Agency

This Freelancer/ Client/ Agency Membership Agreement (“Agreement”) is between you and Greelance Inc. (Parties). This Agreement forms a part of the Terms of Service. In case of any modification, you will be notified in advance, and in case you continue your association after the last modified date, the same shall be presumed as your acceptance of this Agreement.

You (hereinafter referred to as “Freelancer”, “Client” or “Agency” participating in a membership plan) are entering into this Agreement with  Greelance Inc.(hereinafter referred to as “we” and “us”).


  • Sign-in options (After acceptance of Terms of Service & User Agreement):
    • sign-in by creating an account at Greelance Inc. Website/ Application/ Platform.
    • sign-in with Greelance Inc. managed wallet.
    • sign-in with web browser-based wallets announced by Greelance Inc. 


  • Employer logs in to Greelance Inc.
  • The Employer applies to be on-boarded into Greelance Inc. as an Employer.
  • The Employer’s information and the payment methods are verified.
    • Verified Employers are identified with a special badge.
  • The Employer profile is connected to the Employer’s Ethereum wallet.
  • The Employer is assigned a referral link.
  • Employer posts jobs and sets the terms of the job.
    • The Candidate/ Freelancer/ Agency applies to the job.
  • Employer interviews the candidate.
    • Employers can also request Greelance Inc. to further screen candidates for an additional service fee payable in Greelance Inc. tokens to Greelance Inc. participants that are experts in the skill required by the Employer.
  • The Employer hires the Candidate/ Freelancer/ Agency.
  • The Employer deposits the project milestone amount or the estimated weekly pay into a staking pool based on the agreed-upon schedule.
  • Greelance Inc. will solicit feedback from Employers to validate whether candidates’ expertise matches their advertised expertise level. If the candidate’s profile is consistently validated, an “integrity” score or similar designation is assigned to that profile to elevate that candidate’s confidence score. 


  • Candidate logs in to Greelance Inc.
  • Candidate applies to be onboarded as a Freelancer/Agency.
  • The candidate’s identity is verified.
  • The candidate is given a questionnaire to determine eligibility to become a Freelancer/Agency (Subject to the discretion of Greelance Inc.).
  • The candidate’s preferred job title or titles is/are determined.
  • The candidate is then sent a link to automated tests based on selection (Subject to the discretion of Greelance Inc.).
  • The candidates need to have their video on to ensure that they candidate is the one who is taking the test as and when appeared;
    • This will be a software-proctored test that uses software to monitor camera movements that may indicate cheating while taking the test online.
    • Only the videos that the AI video detection flags will be manually reviewed by a Greelance Inc. participant.
  • The test will increase and decrease in difficulty as the candidate answers each question to gauge the expertise level of the candidate properly.
  • If the candidate passes the skills test, the candidate will be invited to a video interview with a panel of Greelance Inc. experts in a similar field.
  • The exact process occurs for each desired job category.
  • If the candidate fails to meet the minimum test score for entry-level in that evaluation;
    • The candidate is granted access to Greelance Inc. to participate in the Greelance Inc. Ecosystem and take training materials in his/her desired job titles and is allowed to retake the test.
  • Greelance Inc. creates automated notifications to encourage candidates to take additional related skills tests.
  • Once the candidate passes a skills test and the interview, the candidate’s profile is approved and associated with an Ethereum wallet.
  • The candidate can then apply to jobs posted by Employers. 


  • Consulting agency logs in to Greelance Inc.
  • Consulting Agency applies to be onboarded as an Agency.
  • Consulting Agency’s identity is verified and associated with a unique Ethereum wallet.
  • The Consulting Agency can add existing Greelance Inc. candidates into its Agency to bid on projects collectively.
  • Consulting Agencies receive referral commissions from the candidates they refer to Greelance Inc.; hence, they benefit most from bringing their candidates or referring new candidates to Greelance Inc.(Subject to announcements from time to time).


  • An initial skills test will be used to classify Freelancers/agencies based on their skill sets and abilities.
  • Identity verification will be required for all participants, including Employer representatives.
  • Employer data will also be verified. The Employer will be required to validate the payment method before being boarded into Greelance Inc.


The Greelance Inc. platform will pre-screen candidates (Freelancers/agencies) and validate their technical expertise before they join the platform.


Greelance Inc. shall not charge any Membership Fee from its platform users at the time of joining (Client/ Freelancer/ Agency). At any future date, if Greelance Inc. introduces a Membership Fee for its platform users, the Client/ Freelancer/ Agency shall have the option to continue with the Free Membership or to opt for Paid Membership.



Greelance Inc. shall not charge any Regular Monthly/ Yearly Membership Fee from its platform users (Client/ Freelancer/ Agency) at the time of joining. At any future date, if Greelance Inc. introduces a Regular Monthly/ Yearly Membership Fee for its platform users, the Client/    Freelancer/ Agency shall have the option to continue with the Free Membership or to opt for Paid Regular Monthly/ Yearly Membership.



Greelance Inc. shall charge a flat % of services for all contractual assignments done by the Freelancers/ Agency for different Corporate/ Individual Clients. Greelance Inc. shall charge a fixed percentage of a Regular Surcharge/ Service Charges from the Clients/ Freelancers/ Agency, which is given hereunder:


10. TAXES:

All applicable GST/ VAT/ INCOME TAX/ SALES TAX/ SERVICE TAX shall be charged from the Corporate/ Partnership/ Individual Clients in addition to the Regular Surcharge Fee/ Service Charges Plan. In addition to the Regular Surcharge Fee/ Service Charges Plan, if any TDS will be applicable on the Freelancer/ Agency Payments, that will be deducted out of their due payments.


  • For Employers to hire Freelancers/agencies, they must deposit their tokens/ fiat currency ($) to the staking pool.
  • Suppose an employer wants to hire a Freelancer/Agency for 20 hours at a rate of $50/hour (in Greelance Inc. tokens), in that case, the Employer needs to deposit $1,000 + $100 (10% Greelance Inc. fee) in token/ fiat currency ($).
  • Until the launch of Greelance Inc. tokens, Employer can make payments in Dollars (Fiat Currency)


  • Once the Freelancer/Agency finishes the work worth $1000 and the Employer approves it, the Freelancer/Agency can withdraw $950 after the expiry of the review/ security period and Greelance Inc. retains $150; $100 from the Employer, and $50 from the Freelancer/Agency.
  • If the Freelancer/Agency doesn’t finish the work, the Employer can withdraw the token/ fiat currency ($) from the staking pool with the candidate’s approval.
  • If the Freelancer/Agency doesn’t approve the withdrawal, the Employer can file a dispute for Greelance Inc. to review.
  • If the dispute is resolved in favor of the Freelancer/Agency:
    • The Freelancer/Agency receives $950
    • Greelance Inc. retains $150
  • If the dispute is resolved in favor of the Employer:
    • The Freelancer/Agency receives nothing
    • Greelance Inc. receives nothing
    • The Employer’s deposit is refunded
  • Freelancers/agencies can exchange their earnings of tokens for other tokens in “RECOMMENDED EXCHANGE’ on the announcement of its “TOKEN” launching by Greelance Inc.
  • Employers will rate Freelancers/Agency and vice versa.
  • All participants can rate each other if they are involved in any activity designed to increase the revenue of Greelance Inc. or increase the value of the Greelance Inc. token.


The network will process fiat payments. For this, it will implement a traditional payment gateway module that integrates with several payment channels.

In addition, because the network has been designed to incorporate commissions and incentives into the transactions, the payment events will trigger the smart contracts to allocate tokens into the wallets of those participating in the transactions.

13.1     Payment Gateway responsibilities:

  • A payment gateway will be part of Greelance Inc., and it will manage fiat currency. It will be subject to applicable charges depending upon the exchange rates from time to time.
  • The payment gateway will be responsible for managing the work schedule and releasing the payments to Freelancers/agencies.
  • It allows Employers to make payments.
  • It allows Freelancers/agencies to receive and withdraw payments.
  • Payments can be made with local fiat currency or any Cryptocurrency.
  • Candidates can opt for a portion or all of their earnings from work performed to be deposited in fiat currency or Greelance Inc. tokens.
  • All referral commissions are paid in Greelance Inc. tokens at the FIAT exchange rate at the end of the month.

All Payment Gateway Terms shall be applicable from time to time on its announcement at Greelance Inc. Platform/ Website/ App.


  • Payments will be incentivized to be made in the Greelance Inc. token.
  • Fiat payments will also be accepted, but paying with Greelance Inc. tokens will reduce the allocated fee by 50%.

All Incentivized payments schemes shall be applicable from time to time on its announcement at Greelance Inc. Platform/ Website/ App.


  • Both Freelancers/agencies applying for work and Employers will have the opportunity to escrow.
  • The Freelancers/Agency can escrow accumulated tokens to demonstrate a commitment to the completion of the assigned work.
  • Employers can escrow tokens at the time of job posting. This will show the Employer’s commitment and earnestness in the engagement.
  • The escrows can be locked for a reasonable period that will be proportional to the effort required in the engagement.
  • The escrows are released when the work is completed or when both parties agree to release them.


Greelance Inc. will incorporate an innovative scheme to represent commissions. There will be NFTs that will be granted to the Commission-rights holder.

The Commission as NFTs will consist of:

  • NFTs will be used for representing the commission rights gained by referrals.
  • The Greelance Inc. platform will integrate into an NFT marketplace.
  • This will allow Greelance Inc. participants to be able to sell their referral NFTs.
  • Greelance Inc. will store historical metadata of each issued NFT off-chain through a decentralized oracle.
  • The NFT Metadata will include the following:
    • Date the NFT was minted.
    • Historical monthly Greelance Inc. token earnings.
    • Historical fiat equivalent earnings at the time of earning.
    • Historical monthly number of referred downlinks.
  • Within the Greelance Inc. platform, the Greelance Inc. DaPP will list the NFTs associated with each user and the ability to download the historical data for each NFT.
  • The Greelance Inc. platform will include an analysis module that will allow participants to chart the historical information of each NFT metadata or a basket of NFT metadata.
  • The analysis module will also include a valuation modeling function to help investors estimate the value of their NFTs based on historical performance and estimated future growth of the Greelance Inc. Ecosystem.

All Commission Rights as Tradeable NFTs schemes shall be applicable from time to time on its announcement at Greelance Inc. Platform/ Website/ App.


The Greelance Inc. network will be a decentralized protocol; therefore, the most important interactions of participants with the protocol will be done through a private key that will be held in an ERC20 compatible wallet.

The Greelance Inc. wallet will consist of the following:

  • The Greelance Inc. network will be based on an ERC20 token that is compatible with the Ethereum protocol.
  • The type of wallet implemented in this network will be non-custodial.
  • Participants will maintain a separate wallet for each role. A separate web2.0 and web3.0 profile will be created for each role but can be consolidated under the same web2.0 login if desired.
  • There can be only one Greelance Inc. profile associated with each participant role and only one wallet address can be associated with each participant role profile.
  • Participants can delegate voting rights from the other wallets he/she controls to their individual wallet or other wallets.
    • On the backend, Greelance Inc. will still separate the transactions for each role type for easier reporting as well but allow a single web2.0 login to the Greelance Inc. Portal to manage all role profiles and wallets.
    • A web3.0 login would restrict users to that particular role profile.
  • If a user loses access to their wallet, Greelance Inc. cannot retrieve that wallet address or any NFTs in that wallet address. Any Greelance Inc. tokens in that wallet are also lost.
    • The user would have to create a new wallet and associate it with his/her/its Greelance Inc. profile.
    • A user could list his/her/its NFTs for sale at a marketplace as a precautionary measure.
    • Once the user sets up the new wallet, the user can then buy the NFTs from his/her/its other wallets.
    • Provided the new wallet address is associated with a Greelance Inc. account, the new wallet will inherit all the benefits of the previous wallet.
    • If the user sets a royalty on the NFT, the royalty will be paid to the locked-out wallet indefinity whenever those NFTs are sold.


The network will have a dynamic incentive pricing model. This means that the incentives will not be fixed or pre-established, but will be based on the demand and supply equilibrium of the activity being incentivized. The incentives will also be based on the recommendations from the AI optimization model which measures the contribution of each activity towards revenue generation on the Greelance Inc. platform.

Using a dynamic incentive structure will prevent the job and services network from being constrained by excessive supply or demand.

A reverse pricing mechanism is also introduced to the dynamic incentives. Reverse pricing is a market mechanism under which a participant acting as a recruiter or referrer can set a minimum incentive threshold that will incentivize their assistance in filing a position and the Employers can also set a maximum incentive threshold above the dynamic incentive that they are willing to pay to incentivize assistance with filling that position.

All Dynamic Incentive schemes shall be applicable from time to time on its announcement at Greelance Inc. Platform/ Website/ App.


Greelance Inc. shall announce various schemes from time to time at its website and App regarding Greelance Inc. Token, which may be subject to acceptance of Specific Token Terms and Conditions in addition to the Terms of Service & User Agreement. On acceptance of Specific Token Terms & Conditions all Greelance Inc. members including Clients, Freelancers, and agencies will be able to avail of special opportunities within the Greelance Inc. Platform and Network.

Greelance Inc. introduces a decentralized talent and services network running with a self-sustainable circular economy aimed at replacing existing high-taxing, inefficient talent and services marketplaces. It provides a new type of talent and services marketplace controlled and governed by participants within the network.

The platform’s native Greelance Inc. token will be fungible based on the ERC20 standard. This token is considered a utility token. It will be used in the Greelance Inc. network by the users in the Greelance Inc. economy; they will use the token to interact with other users when engaging in professional activity and receive rewards. The token will be the established payment method for all users. However, participants can also pay for professional activity in fiat money or stable coins.

The platform will incorporate real-time payments for completed tasks using the Greelance Inc. token as an incentive. Employers and professionals will purchase Greelance Inc. tokens to create and manage job tasks within Greelance Inc.

The Greelance Inc. platform allows users to earn Greelance Inc. tokens by performing different actions on the network, including introducing and onboarding clients. Greelance Inc. tokens will also be used for job post-management, talent management, proposals, and upskilling.

Greelance Inc. is a peer-to-peer talent and service management platform that uses digital signatures to transfer funds directly from one party to another in a decentralized manner. Greelance Inc. offers a world where talent and service markets do not exploit or favor anyone.

Greelance Inc. will achieve fairness in the talent and service market by building an easy-to-use marketplace that rewards anyone willing to perform and complete tasks that increase the Greelance Inc. platform’s social interaction and can reasonably be tied to current or future increases in revenue generated by the Greelance Inc. platform.

All Toke/ NFTs schemes shall be applicable from time to time on its announcement at Greelance Inc. Platform/ Website/ App.


The Greelance Inc. platform implements an AI-based compensation structure that is gamified to encourage long-term participation and engagement.

Activities that encourage participants to use the platform for technical and social interaction and training will be gamified and rewarded with Greelance Inc. tokens. The AI algorithm will optimize the rewards based on which activities will derive the maximum engagement.

Greelance Inc. will also include a full-service HR module to allow employers to run payroll, employee benefits, time tracking, and employee onboarding and offboarding. HR module shall be launched soon on the Greelance Inc. Platform.


The Greelance Inc. platform will have integrated training modules that are aligned with the technical evaluations. Upskilling is a core growth strategy for increasing bill rates for existing candidates.

Based on the results of a candidate’s test, Greelance Inc. can create a customized training program that addresses the specific deficiencies of that candidate.  Upon completing the course, the candidate is offered a chance for a retest. The candidate will also have the option to retake the entire course if desired.

Candidates will earn Greelance Inc. tokens when they take a test or a course for the first time after being onboarded on Greelance Inc.. Multiple retakes of the same test will not be compensated. The compensation for tests and training will be tied to the potential market rate for that skill set and the market demand for that skill set.

If there is an excessive demand for a particular job title, the bill rate commanded for that job title will likely increase.  Hence, the incentive to upskill in those areas should also be higher. The incentives will reduce proportionately once the marketplace reaches equilibrium between supply and demand.

An AI-based resume reading and writing and a job description writing module will also be integrated to help candidates effectively highlight their skills and help employers better describe their detailed requirements.


The Greelance Inc. network will automate the collection and distribution of referral commissions.

The referral will be of two types, and they both will be taken into account when calculating the amounts to be disbursed:

  • The commissions for referring someone to join the network

Both Employers and Freelancers/agencies will be able to join the Greelance Inc. network based on someone’s referral.

  • The commissions for referring someone for a job

Both Employers and Freelancers/agencies will be able to engage in the filling of a job vacancy based on someone’s referral.

All referral schemes shall be applicable from time to time on its announcement at Greelance Inc. Platform/ Website/ App.


The Greelance Inc. protocol will implement a referral and commission model. This model is designed to be impersonal and will be based on commission rights. The commission rights are granted to participants acting as referral nodes in the network.

The representation of commission rights as NFTs is an innovative approach.

The NFTs will hold metadata that allows referral and commission algorithms to liquidate the correct number of tokens to the NFTs’ holders. The novelty of modeling the commission rights as NFTs is that the NFT holders will be able to trade these commission rights as NFTs on an NFT marketplace.

All commission schemes shall be applicable from time to time on its announcement at Greelance Inc. Platform/ Website/ App.


The treasury is the vault where all the funds are accumulated from different sources:

  • Initially allocated funds from presales rounds.
  • Collected revenue from taxable events.
  • Funds collected from excess from Greelance Inc. Organization.

The network will automatically distribute these funds accordingly with the variables set in the smart contracts. These include:

  • Pay referral commissions.
  • Pay equity to token holders.
  • Add funds to liquidity pools.
  • Burn tokens (deflationary economy).
  • Buy back tokens and lock them into the treasury.
  • Allocate funds for development projects.
  • Pay to professionals a small percentage of their salary in tokens.
  • Pay users that collaborate to verify professional profiles.
  • Pay users that act as referees for conflict resolution.
  • Pays the fees of the blockchain networks used for running the platform smart contracts and oracles.
  • Pays the fees of the cloud services used for running the off-chain components of the application.

The percentages allocated to each of the expenses will be managed by smart contracts. Changes to these initial terms will always be possible through the proposed voting governance model.

All Smart Treasury schemes shall be applicable from time to time on its announcement at Greelance Inc. Platform/ Website/ App.


  • The Freelancers/Agency will be encouraged and incentivized to have a complete and up-to-date profile.
  • The content and integrity of these Freelancer/Agency profiles will be curated by other Freelancers/Agency, as reviewers participating in the network and the reviewers will be awarded tokens in exchange for their work.
  • The outcome of a curated profile will be the final content published along with the person’s name who curated the profile.
  • After the finalization of engagements, Employers can also provide feedback and rating of the services provided by Freelancers/Agency.
  • Also, Freelancers/Agency can give feedback and rating to Employers.
  • Freelancers/Agency and Employers will have an opportunity to provide additional clarification of the rating.


The introduction of AI for the following features of a job marketplace is considered innovative, therefore, they are patent-pending.

26.1     AI Features Funding

These features provide the distinct advantage of Greelance Inc. over other competitors. However, these features may be complex and costly.  A strategic approach to how they can be implemented efficiently is key. This is because some of these features can only be effective in later stages of the project when the volume of transactions in the network reaches a critical mass.

It is proposed that some of the AI feature that characterize the Greelance Inc. network be funded by the initial seed investment. These are the AI Machine Learning models that may not require production data to train the models.

However, some other AI projects will require production data to be effective; therefore, those could be postponed in terms of project priorities.

Taking this as an opportunity, only crucial AI models should be funded by the presales round fund. On the contrary, the Greelance Inc. project team could implement AI technology gradually after the initial launch with the funding model proposed for the DAO.  This is when Greelance Inc. achieves a sustainable revenue stream from the activity on the network.

Alternatively, AI technology can be funded by the program of features and innovations as proposed in the Service section of this document.

26.2     AI-Based Resume Reading/Writing algorithm

Greelance Inc. will implement an AI-powered resume writer using Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) algorithms.

GPT-3 can generate long sentences of unique text as the output.

GPT-3 uses a self-attention mechanism that is a good fit for natural language understanding.

Input Data;

The input data will be one of the following:

  • Short unstructured description of the candidate’s experience, keywords, and skills
  • A candidate’s existing resume
  • A question/answer decision tree or random forest decision system

Model Training;

The AI-powered resume writer will be trained using existing resume APIs, but will also continuously learn using existing candidate resumes within Greelance Inc. including the resumes that the algorithm generates.

26.3     AI-Based Job Description Reading/Writing algorithm

Greelance Inc. will implement a job description writer based on input keywords, short job descriptions, and similar job references. The solution will be implemented using Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) algorithms.

Input Data;

The input is a short job description with the skills and qualifications required for the job. There could be some additional keywords, but in general, it will be an unstructured block of text where the Employer describes the required skill set.

Model Training;

The AI-powered job description writer will be trained using existing job description APIs, but will also continuously learn using existing job descriptions within Greelance Inc. including the job descriptions that the algorithm generates.

26.4     AI-Based Reading/Writing algorithm

The Greelance Inc. AI blog writer will have access to the SEO statistics for each topic, keywords, and subtopics selected and prefer highly rated keywords to generate blog content.

The AI blog writer will create a pool of relevant topics for content creation based on the frequency of content coverage and SEO relevance. The AI blog writer will create a blog post on the given topic based on the input topics and industries selected.

The AI blog writer algorithm will also suggest topics to write about based on the imbalance between job postings and skilled candidates.

To incentivize the selection of the AI recommended blog topics, a higher reward in Greelance Inc.’s tokens will be paid for participants writing and posting suggested blog topics.

Input Data;

The AI blog writer will get (categories OR subcategories) AND (industries) as input.

The AI blog writer will also get SEO keyword data as input.

Model Training;

To choose a blog post relevant to the user selected, Greelance Inc. will use a pre-trained Masked Language Modeling (MLM) algorithm.

For the creation of the blog posts, the Greelance Inc. AI blog post writer will be trained using pairs of blog post topics and blog post content.

26.5     AI-Based Compensation Algorithm

The algorithm will be based on price optimization. The algorithm will optimize the reward for each action online based on the feedback (the Greelance Inc. revenue and other related metrics). It will start by initializing rewards with the logical values (human selected), and then it will continuously optimize those rewards with the price optimization algorithm.

It will leverage Deep Q Network (DPQ), Proximal Policy Optimization (PPO), and Inverse Q Networks (IQN)

Input Data;

The input data for this algorithm will be the current and historical revenue, current and historical rewards, and current and historical activities.

Model Training;

Since this will be a Reinforcement Learning (RL) algorithm; it will be required to train the model in real-time. Therefore, the system will need to set up data collection for rewards and for the Greelance Inc. platform that would be inserted into the RL algorithm.

Greelance Inc. will run all three reinforcement learning algorithms in parallel in real-time to account for changes in the input data patterns.

Note: Greelance Inc. has offered a lot of rebates in the initial Membership Agreement during its first phase of launching the platform. Greelance Inc. reserves its right to revise all or any of its Membership Agreement clauses at any time.

Note: Participation in Greelance Inc. Token/ NFTs shall be subject to separate terms and conditions, which shall be announced at the time of its launching. Till the launching of Greelance Inc. token, all transactions shall be done in Dollars($).

Note: Greelance Inc. shall launch its full operation by September 2022. Till its full launch, certain facilities mentioned in this Agreement may not be available. All Platform Users shall not presume each point as a matter of right until the launch of all activities mentioned in the terms and clauses of this Agreement. Greelance Inc. reserves its right to add or delete any facility till its full launch in September, 2022