Welcome to the decentralized talent revolution

Your gateway to limitless possibilities.

With decentralized governance and secure ownership, GRL token holders actively contribute to the growth and success of Greelance, setting its position as an originator in the freelancing and blockchain space.

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How Do I Use GRL?

GRL offers various functionalities and benefits to the Greelance community including

Premium Features Access

Faster and Secure Payments

Participation in Governance

Exclusive Rewards

Exchange & Transfer.

How Do I Earn GRL?

  • By inviting other talented individuals to join the network
  • By inviting employers to hire talented professionals on the Greelance
  • Referring to the people as a service provider
  • By actively engaging in the platform’s growth and ensuring the utmost professionalism

GREELANCE Token Economics

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GREELANCE / Platform Questions

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Token Questions

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Allocations/ Backers/ Exchanges

When was the launch and what’s the total capped supply?

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Initial Coin Circulation?

When will the token list be on an exchange?

Has the private sale ended? Are you doing a token sale/public sale? Where can I buy?