1 December 2023

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How To Hire AI Developers: Essential Guide In 2024

By Mike H.

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ON : 1 December 2023

AI is booming, and developers are in high demand.


A study suggests that there are only 300,000 AI professionals available, for millions of vacancies!

This surge in demand is not limited to tech companies alone. Various industries are jumping on the AI bandwagon, creating a wide range of job opportunities. 

From AI applications to machine learning and computer vision, everything is changing and the need for skilled developers is more apparent than ever.

In this blog, we’re going to explore a step by step walkthrough on how to hire AI developers.

Is There A Shortage Of AI Developers?

In 2022, the median pay for AI development professionals in the U.S. was around $113,314 per year.

That’s a handsome figure reflecting the value placed on these tech wizards. 

And guess what? The salaries are on the rise, with an average increase of 15% in AI engineer job postings over the last two years. Salary trends for AI engineeers is also changing with the evolution of current paradigms.

But it’s not just about the money. The shortage of AI-proficient manpower is strongly felt by diverse industries—everything from manufacturing, healthcare, to digital marketing. 

Looking ahead, the growth forecasts for the next decade indicate a sustained demand for AI developers, making it an exciting field to be a part of.

5 Step Process: How To Hire AI Developers?

Listen up, hiring managers! Exceptional AI developers for hire can be a tough job. 

But fear not, for we’re here to guide you through the hiring process step by step—with clarity and precision. 

Step 1: What Do You Need An AI Developer For?

Get crystal clear on what you need. 

Are you seeking someone proficient with natural language processing or are you on the lookout for a deep learning expert? 

Knowing your specific requirements is the first step. 

This will determine how you prepare your job specifications, and job descriptions prior to the hiring process—so that you’re 100% sure of what you’re looking for. 

Step 2: What Are Your Options?

Now that you know what you need, it’s time to explore your hiring options. 

  • Do you have AI talent within your company walls? 
  • Could freelancers from Upwork be your solution? 
  • Or would partnering with a recruitment agency be your best bet?

Each option has its perks and drawbacks, so weigh them carefully based on your needs.

Step 3: Create An Appealing Job Description

The key to attracting top AI talent is to create phenomenal job descriptions that appeal to the right candidates! It must: 

  • Give potential candidates a brief overview of your company.
  • Highlight your exciting AI project
  • Clearly outline the skills and qualifications you seek, 
  • Detail the AI developer’s responsibilities
  • Mention the amazing opportunities and benefits your company offers.

The right job description attracts the right people who will fit in your company’s culture and deliver what you need.

Step 4: Explore & Evaluate CV’s & Resumes

As resumes flood your inbox, don’t just skim through them like a random social media post. Instead:

  • Take the time to thoroughly review each candidate’s experience, education, and past AI-related projects. 
  • Ensure their skills align with your project’s demands. 
  • Request samples of their work, like GitHub repositories, to get a deeper understanding of their capabilities.

If you don’t read their CVs carefully, you will have to read out refund/chargeback emails from your clients later!

Step 5: Reach Out Like You Mean Business

When reaching out to potential candidates, make sure your message is flawless and engaging. To do that: 

  • Craft a memorable subject line that grabs their attention. 
  • Highlight how their skills align perfectly with your project
  • Elaborate on your organization’s AI initiatives and culture, 
  • Compliment their strengths, 
  • Send a follow-up email to ensure your message doesn’t get lost.

By following these steps, you’ll not only streamline your hiring process but also increase your chances of bringing the perfect AI developer into your team.

With the evolution of AI trends and technological enhancement,  AI industry will flourish with more pace.

What Are Some Of The Best Practices To Hire An AI Developer?

Skills Assessment and Interviews

Kick off your hiring process by putting candidates through their paces with thorough technical assessments and well-crafted interview questions. 

These steps go beyond paper qualifications and explore practical abilities. 

It’s all about finding the ideal match for your team’s needs. A candidate who possesses AI soft skills along with technical skills, will takeover the jobs more rigourously. 

Cultural Fit and Hands-On Experience

Technical skills are essential, but cultural fit is the secret sauce to creating a phenomenal team. 

Prioritize candidates who align with your company culture, nurturing collaboration and a comfortable working environment. 

Additionally, hands-on experience speaks volumes. 

Seek out candidates who have tackled real-world AI challenges. These candidates are far more capable than those who haven’t worked in pressure environments. 

Possibility Of A Remote Hiring

Post Covid, don’t limit your search to local talent. 

Remote hiring can enable you to tap into a broader pool of skilled AI developers. 

This opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to find the perfect fit, regardless of geographical boundaries. 

Remember, the right person for the job might just be a click away!

What Should We Be Careful About While Hiring AI Developers?

Watch Out for Inexperienced Service Providers

When seeking a recruitment partner, exercise caution. 

Inexperienced agencies might lack the expertise to tackle the complexities of finding AI talent. 

Opt for trusted agencies with a proven track record in AI talent acquisition, ensuring you’re in capable hands from the start.

Steer Clear of Subpar Recruitment Services

A hiring experience filled with delays, lack of transparency, and insufficient screening processes is the last thing you want. 

Thoroughly research and select reputable recruitment agencies known for delivering successful projects. 

Quality recruitment services make all the difference in securing top AI talent.

Guarantee Clarity and Job Requirements

Don’t leave things to chance. 

Before starting the hiring process, discuss guarantees with your vendor. This ensures accountability and mitigates potential risks. 

Additionally, be crystal clear about your job requirements to avoid any mismatch in candidate selection.

What Questions To Ask Before Hiring AI Developers?

Skills and Team Dynamics

Begin your search by asking questions that reveal both soft and hard skills. 

How does the candidate tackle technical challenges with finesse? 

Can they collaborate effectively in a team environment? 

These insights are crucial for identifying a well-rounded AI developer.

Cultural Fit, Motivation, and Passion

Explore the candidate’s cultural fit with your company. 

Ask about their motivation – are they eager to contribute to your company’s growth, or are they just checking boxes? 

Gauge their passion for programming and innovation, ensuring their enthusiasm aligns with your project’s demands.

Evaluate Past Project Contributions

Past experiences tell a story. 

Assess the candidate’s contributions to previous projects. 

What challenges did they tackle, and how did they contribute to the team’s success?

This practical evaluation ensures their capabilities align with your company’s development needs.

Hope You Find The Right Match

As we step into 2024, the journey of finding the perfect AI developer involves a strategic blend of technical assessments, cultural considerations, and a keen eye for past project contributions. 

By following our guide, you’re ready to identify and secure the ideal AI developer – someone who not only possesses the required skills but integrates with your company’s vision and culture.

The AI revolution is upon us. The demand is high, and the supply of proficient AI developers is very low. Let’s explore what key skills to look for before hiring the AI engineers, make sure they possess technical and non technical skills in order to lead the project and overall team. 

Hence, to win in this cutthroat competition, you should speedily hire value-adding resources to your team before you’re too late. 

Mike H.

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