Panoramic Sneak Into Your Screening Journey At Greelance

Businesses are relying on human capital to foster the competitive edge. But it’s not that easy as it seems. Scaling up the team of experts is challenging in the hyper competitive corporate world - as tech resources are scares in availability and very high in demand. Considering this window of opportunity, Greelance strive on bringing the vetted experts across the globe at your disposal to get your projects done without hiccups.

Scrutinizing The Soft Skills

We start off with assessing the personality traits, Emotional intelligences, Ethical code of conduct, Language or more. We strive for passionate talent keen on excelling at career development.

of applicants to pass soft skills

In-Depth Skill Evaluation

We run assessments on each applicant to evaluate the problem-solving ability and technical knowledge. We onboard candidates with brilliant results in this phase.

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Live Screening

To ensure professional credibility, the expert recruiters interview each shortlisted candidate. Our recruiters conduct live interviews – to gauge the professional experience | communication ability | creativity | & problem-solving ability.

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Pilot Projects

To conclude the talent pool, each candidate is given a pilot test to evaluate their performance in the real- time. This test project is comprehensive enough to get an insight into the real-world scenarios for candidates to display their professionalism | competence | & thoroughness.

of applicants to pass pilot projects

Continued Excellence

Greelance strives to maintain a highly intelligent talent pool. Talents on the Greelance network embark on a track record of excellence with clients. Our focus on maintaining a brilliant workforce is infused in every stage of our engagement with both candidates and employers

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Incase failed, upscale to try again

We strive to develop the workforce. Candidates who dropped can take up our short courses as well to upscale their respective skillset and apply again. Please note that a candidate can apply for a test only twice a month.

of applicants to get selected

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Why the world’s 1% freelancers prefer Greelance? Answer lies in Unlimited opportunities | Best commission | Long-term placement | 70% faster Onboarding | Career guidance to upscale & more. Yes! we empower the professionals to steer their growth their way. We are top choice of leading companies to hire thoroughly screened, 100% vetted freelancers across the world for successful project deliveries Greelance is a globally knitted network of engineers | IT professionals | developers | designers | technical writers & digital marketers and a home to unlimited opportunities. We enable startups to upsurge their business growth by providing expert vetted candidates for their most important initiatives. Need freedom to earn more, accelerate career growth and work flexibility? Get aboard to witness the wonders Greelance can do for you!

Meet The Smart Talent At Greelance

Greelance connects you with on-demand, well-qualified, independent, and trusted professionals across the world. Get your big projects handled efficiently by specialised freelancers and free yourself from high overhead costs and employee investment risks.